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Sveiki, aš esu Enrico


My name is Enrico Armenia, I’m from Italy, I-m 25 years old. My hometown is Trieste, its located border to Slovenia just 5 minutes by car.
I wrote a goal and desire list before to turn 30 age, one of the activity that I want to do is volunteering through European Solidarity Corps.
I lived abroad for two years in New Zealand, where I studied in an English school, then I did various jobs in different fields. After a year in Auckland I studied a professional course in Digital Marketing at University of Auckland. During my spare time, I travelled all around the country, I immersed myself in the culture of the Maori. I did volunteering at a theatre where I design their website for 3 months.
In 2019 I moved to Australia, I lived for 6 months in Melbourne where I worked as Gardener then I decided to move to Sydney where I stayed for other 6 months. I worked for a couple of months as a sales assistant at a Ferrari and Lamborghini luxury car dealership and I had no experience in this area.

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